Winter Training Program

I want to become


This training program specially designed for - (Any Undergraduate) B.Tech., B.Sc., B.E. students.

  • Date: 1st - 31st Jan 2023
  • Total classes: 16
  • Total hour: 32
  • Class mode: Online

This is a national-level Winter training program, which will begin on January 1st and end on January 31st, is an excellent opportunity to apply their lessons from the classroom to a real-world. This will further help students in developing their career goals and enhancing soft skills needed in the world such as communication skills, work etiquette, and professionalism.


We will provide a certificate.

Get to learn the interface of different software and coding languages.

Get exposure to professional life and the working environment.

This can be a great resume builder.

Best candidates will get a chance for pre-placement offer to join Learn Tinkering


Digital marketing & SEO

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • What are SEO and digital marketing?
  • The difference between organic and inorganic marketing
  • What are keywords ?
  • How does Google SERP work?
  • What are the different types of search engines?
  • What are the platforms in google?
  • How does Google crawler work?
  • What are paid and unpaid marketing?
  • Tools for paid marketing?
  • What are Google AdWords and PPC, PPM?
  • What is SMM?
  • What is the platform for SMM?
  • How to make campaigns on Instagram and Facebook?
  • Project - Make a money-making SEO project with us
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Black SEO and white SEO
  • How to rank keywords.
  • What are the backlinks?
  • What are blogs and their importance for promotion?
  • How to rank a website?
  • Project:-How to be a freelancer and start earning 100000 INR a month.
  • Artificial intelligence & Internet of things

    • Introduction to IoT What is the use of IoT and its application
    • What are the hardware and software involved in IoT?
    • Introduction to Arduino?
    • Introduction to a simulation platform
    • Introduction to the WOKWI, and Tinkercad?
    • Introduction to basic block coding for IoT basics?
    • Introduction of Arduino and their IoT kits?
    • Introduction to the Arduino Arduino, NODE MCU, and ESP32?
    • What to apply AI?
    • What is embedded C?
    • Basic of embedded C project?
    • Basics of sensor operation with AI?
    • Difference between the digital sensor and analog sensor?
    • Project of room heat alert system with exhaust
    • Introduction to networks in Arduino and their interfacing.
    • Introduction to the Bluetooth and WiFi
    • Program to the NODE and installation of the program in it.
    • How to make home automation with and apply AI concepts to it.